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William Kristensen family 1931.

How do you prove who you are and who your parents and grandparents were? The first step is to gather various documents in your home and homes of other members of your family.

Agnes Wotherspoon and her brother Nathaniel in Egyp WWI
The young Burke kids
Nathanile and Adamina Craig and family

Type of Family Records:

Family records come in a variety of forms - diaries, love letters, awards, heirlooms, photos, newspaper clippings, and Bibles - plus many other types. On the side bar are some useful internet links for researching European and Australian ancestors.

Our Family menu opens our family history page that also includes family side branches. If you find yourself on any of these pages, please send me a brief email to establish a line of possible contact.  As my older informants pass away, I may lose contact with branches of the family.

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