Our Family History
Our Family History
By Peder Kristensen
This is our family genealogy overview, including side branches. If you find yourself on any of these pages, please send me a brief note or an email to establish a line of possible contact. As my older informants pass away, I may lose contact with branches of the family.

On the web site there is family “tree" function which refers to a 5-generation pedigree chart designed specifically to be viewed in a web browser. Clicking the tree icon in a person sheet or family card and a family tree is displayed. People in the first three generations have a drop-down menu appearing beneath their boxes. This menu includes spouses and children of the person in the box.

This information wouldn’t be possible without the help of my cousin Ann-Che Minnesk√∂ld, family members and other non-related people, too many to mention here.

Pictures and notes on living persons are omitted to protect privacy.